Machato — The native ChatGPT client for macOS

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Machato is a native client for OpenAI's ChatGPT. It works just like any other instant messaging app, but on steroids !

It supports many features:

  • Granular control over the API's parameters: temperature, presence & frequency penalty, top probability, max tokens, etc.
  • Conversation management: create as many distinct conversations as you want, keep their history, manage their configurations (model, temperature, text rendering capabilities, etc) independently from other chats. Conversation titles are automatically generated from the first few messages.
  • Supports all chat OpenAI models (so long as your API key grants you access to them)
  • Render code with proper syntax highlighting, render markdown tables, and all github-flavoured markdown capabilities. Render LaTeX equations as well.
  • Advanced token usage statistics: track your expenses on a daily basis.
  • Use custom system prompts (personality), and manage your user prompts in the Prompt Library
  • Easy copy and paste with per-message copy-to-clipboard button.

Machato has a robust rendering engine

Ask for code !

Use OpenAI Functions to provide ChatGPT with tools !

The changelog is available here.

DISCLAIMER: The app is incompatible with macOS versions < 13.0

Buying a lifetime license grants you access to all future updates. Some upcoming features are :

  • Picture input support with GPT-4 (when it becomes available to the API)
  • Support for local LLMs
  • App localization

Shoot me an email ( with features you'd want to see implemented in future versions !

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Last updated Jun 6, 2023

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Machato — The native ChatGPT client for macOS

40 ratings
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